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Does it conducts heat so well that gets...

Does it conducts heat so well that gets too hot to hold ?

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It well might. Any metal will conduct heat well, and titanium is no exception. Plus this plate is very thin. On the other hand, if your food is cool enough to eat, it's probably cool enough to hold.It conducts heat almost too good. Fortunately the plate isn't holding a hot liquid like a bowl or cup which does get to hot to handle, until it cools off a bit.--See answer in above question. Plus here is a site where you can compare conductivities in metals. Aluminum > Titanium > Stainless Steel.

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It gets hot. The bowl is more of a problem cause I often put real hot liquids in it. The plate is not as bad cause you can hold the tall sides and usually not an issue. Holding under the hot food you will feel it-pretty much as if you were holding the food itself :)