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Does every one in the group have to have...

Does every one in the group have to have the same device in order for it to work?

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No.all beacons transmit and receive the same signal, otherwise it would really restrict who could search for you and who you could search for, which would be stupid

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The ortovox person i spoke with recently said that the F1 cannot be found by the new S1. I do not know if they have fixed that in the new version...

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Yeah, exactly, it is stupid. The person who said this works or worked for (this was last winter) ortovox. They said this in a briefing for a pro patrol at a major mtn in california. To clarify, the guy said that the first edition S1's will not always find a burried F1 in a multi burial scenario. Most of the time it will find them but it has been shown to not always find the F1 in this particular situation.

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All beacons work on the same frequency, but over time transceivers can begin to have their frequency change. Basically there is a crystal that is inside that dictates the frequency. All transceivers have to be within a certain frequency range to be able to be sold. (I think 10-15 kHz) Pieps makes one that can check to make sure that the frequency range is adequate, no matter who makes the transceiver. That is, if I have a Pieps I can check all the people I am skiing with to be sure their transceivers, no matter who makes it. This is especially useful if you are with someone who has an older transceiver.

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Years ago Transceivers sold in the US had a different Frequency form the rest of the world. Now however they have all switched to the international freq. So if you have an old US transceiver it will not be picked up by the new ones. That was awhile ago to it is definatly time to get a new one.