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Does anyone recommend buying a bigger...

Does anyone recommend buying a bigger insole because of proper fit? I wear a size 11.5 boot and purchased a pair of green's that fit the boots pretty well with minimal cutting of the insole to make it fit.

After about a week and 10 - 12 miles on them, I am still feeling as if the arch support is still too far back, resulting in painful heels / arches / feet. I love the insoles otherwise, but I just wish the arch support was located more forward than back. Someone stated they have a size 11 foot, but purchased size 13 insoles for better arch fit. Any suggestions?

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The size of insole you purchase does determine where the arch support falls in relation to the heel; so yeah you might want to get a larger size thus placing the arch further away from the heel...Its also possible that you need a more specific arch support, i.e. higher/flatter/etc... I would recommend checking out the Dr. Scholls custom fit orthotics foot mapping system... I found the system at my local Walmart and when I did the map and purchased what was suggested, I was really surprised...