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Does anyone know if when these are split...

Does anyone know if when these are split up, are they within limits to be used as two carry on's?

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The FAA stipulates that the total linear inches (that is, length plus width plus height) cannot exceed 45 inches, and in general should more or less conform to no more than 22 x 14 x 9in. That takes out the medium/large version, which is 24 inches long. As for the small/medium, its total dimensions 22 x 17 x 13in; since the depth of the removable backpack is 7 inches, you’re just about in the ballpark of 45 linear inches for the larger bag when they’re split apart. Perhaps if you’re a fast talker, and certainly if you enjoy elite frequent flyer status, you’re probably going to be able to carry them both on without a problem.