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Does anyone know if these would be any...

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Does anyone know if these would be any good in a ski boot?

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Ya, you could put these in a ski boot. It would obviously change how the boot fits, but you should be able to adjust that easily by loosing up the straps.Great ball & heel shock absorption. They're best for work boots & shoes.

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Superfeet Yellow is made for ski boots. They allow for a better fit in tighter-fitting footwear like skates and ski boots, they have ventilation, and they are made for footwear with a raised heel like skates, ski boots, and western boots.

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Superfeet yellow are designed for hockey skates and cycling shoes with an elevated heel (according to superfeet's website).

The superfeet specifically designed for ski boots are the REDhot and hotPINK superfeet, which feature extra insulation technology to keep your feet warm in cold conditions.

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I've got the green ones in my snowboard boots and love em... Superfeet also make a "wintergreen" that they say are for ski, snowboard, and snow boots.