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Does anyone know how to get the extra 2oz...

Does anyone know how to get the extra 2oz fill from Western Mountaineering? How do you contact them? I searched on their website, but I can't find anything about sending them my bag...

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Here you go-

Western Mountaineering

1025 S. Fifth Street
San Jose, CA 95112

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Usually, they'd like it if you go through a store, but being, it's a little difficult so you can probably just go through them to get an overfill. Give them a call and ask!

Hope this helps!

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used the above info to call them (number is not generally published i was told) and visit store back in Nov '12; took 3 bags in to get the overfill-got a detailed personalised tour of their operations; helpful and friendly service, told me that generally people just send in the items with instructions on what they want, rarely get visitors for service more than a couple time a year. process was complete in about an hour; overfill pricing is bag dependent and ranged from $30 to $80 (bag design/stitching was more intensive labor-wise to access)