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Does anyone have any experience skiing in...

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Does anyone have any experience skiing in the Icebreaker BodyFit 200 Mondo? How do they hold up? I used an I/O Bio last winter and an Arc'teryx Phase AR. The I/O Bio was undoubtedly more comfortable but the bottom started to develop a hole after skiing in it twice - seriously? Of course the Arc'teryx Phase AR, a synthetic, was super-durable, warm, comfortable but not exactly like the merino. I think I'm leaning towards the Arc'teryx Phase AR or maybe the Arc'teryx Rho LTW. Thoughts?

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...then again one Arc'teryx Rho LTW is about $130, this is $68 in black XL, which is 52% the cost of the Arc'teryx - so one could almost buy two of these for one Rho LTW! But the Phase AR is close in price and probably twice as durable, and it's probably 85-95% as comfortable. I hate the idea that I'm dropping $70 knowing it's going to get holes and need repair or to replace it in 1-2 ski season while another option will last 3-4 seasons.

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I ski 20+ days a year and have had the Bodyfit 200 crew for 2 years. No problems so far. In fact I'm getting another set of tops and bottoms for week long trips

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I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the durability of Icebreaker. If you develop holes with in the first year (and it is due to a fabric problem) you can return the top.

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Merino is expensive and 200 wt is on the thin side. I believe 260 weight is considerably more durable and warmer (the warmer part is not usually a good thing). My advice is stay away from merino if you have cats (you'll forget, pick one up and then kiss your favorite merino shirt goodby). And don't wear merino when you will be bushwacking through scrub oak, which can be hard to predict. Or you can learn to live with holes.

I probably have 15 days on a Mondo zip and the waist seam is unravelling a little, but it's not a big deal. No holes yet. Cats completely ruined another brand of merino shirt, but I'm sure this is not brand specific.