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Does a stove (Pocket Rocket) and fuel fit...

Does a stove (Pocket Rocket) and fuel fit in this?

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Well for some reason it says the pot volume is 2L, 2.5L which is incorrect.. I looked it up on another site and it says the pot holds 22 ounces, which is only approx. .65 liters. So the pot itself is really small. I believe it could still hold a fuel cannister and small stove though.

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The pot can't fit a full size MSR isopro. You can fit the half size fue. This is a pretty small pot, and as jts4649 points out, it is incorrectly described in capacity here.

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The pot with. bowl inside, can accommodate either a 110 gm fuel canister OR a Snow Peak stove, but not both at the same time.