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Does a 3L Camelbak bladder fit?

Does a 3L Camelbak bladder fit?

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Yep, plenty of extra space after that too.

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Enough for a spare pair of gloves, socks, and goggle lenses, a multitool/knife/spare tubes/headlamp/compact first aid kit, cell phone, small point and shoot camera and a Contour HD, small lunch/a couple Clif bars and an XL hardshell?

Looking for something lower profile than my Dakine Heli Pro DLX 20L for all day lift served adventures and winter MTBing and I'm debating between this and an Osprey Karve 11 or 16.

For skiing I could probably go down to a 2L bladder if I needed to and do a 3L bladder and softshell or rain/wind jacket for MTB.