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Do you think it would fit inside the GSI...

Do you think it would fit inside the GSI Tea Kettle? and better yet still have room for gas?

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From what Ive heard and experienced, the only bowl from GSI that fits into the GSI tea kettle is the one that comes with the GSI Kettlist step. The regular nesting bowls are too wide and I am pretty confident that these cups will be too tall. It sucks that you cant buy the separate nesting bowl to fit inside the kettle. the only way to get one that would fit would be to purchase the kettlist system, which is pointless since you already have the kettle. Hope that helps. In terms of gas canisters, you could fit one smaller 3.88oz canister (standard size at REI) inside easy and a MSR pocket rocket without its red case, but I dont have one so I cannot confirm 100% but eyeing it with just a canister in it, I would say that there is plenty of room.