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Do you remove the pump from the Fuel Bottle...

Do you remove the pump from the Fuel Bottle after each use or can you keep it in the Fuel Bottle while in the field ? I am wondering about getting Fuel in the storage bag if I need to store it after each use on my trips

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I leave the pump in the fuel bottle until I get home when I empty it back into the source. As long as you have it securely closed, it will be fine & not leak.

FYI, I do take the pressure out of the bottle by unscrewing the pump until the air escapes then re-tightening when I'm between camps.

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The danger of leaving the pump in the fuel bottle is that a) you may snap the pump when packing the fuel bottle away, and b) if the pump gets caught on something the valve can open and fuel will leak out of the bottle. This is obviously a bad thing, particularly if you carry the bottle inside your backpack.

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I always remove the pump when packing, and leave the pump in the bottle when storing the stove under tent's fly.
Leaving the pump inside too much time could damage the rubber sealings - depending on the fuel used.