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Do these just start at 7 and go up to 11,...

Do these just start at 7 and go up to 11, or are there a 1 - 6? The page listing them individually only lists 7 to 11 as well. Are the smaller sizes in offsets just much less useful?

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DMM bought the molds for these nuts from HB a few years back...sizes 1 - 6 were the brass offsets, and I don't see them any where on line on You could supplement these nuts with the peenuts, sizes 1-5, and you would be well set up for any flaring crack or pin scar.

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It's been a while since Evan's comment, but now the DMM brass offsets are offered on BC. So now you can get #0-6 in brass and #7-11 in aluminum. Happy climbing.