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Do the TI's have better sound quality than...

Do the TI's have better sound quality than the Agents? I like the style size of the agents better-- the TI's are just a little too bulky for my taste. I havent seen the Agents in person/ tested them out yet so I'm looking for some more detail and honest opinion about how they work, how durrable they are, how well they fit, etc. Im also thinking about the Titan earbud headphones, so if you anyone has tried both and prefers one better than the other, please let me know which/why. I like the compact design of the Titans and I like the in-chord volume control, but I dont like earbuds as much as regular headphones. If you have any advice on either/ both I'd really appreciate you sharing it.

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ive owned every pair of skullcandy's ever made lol. all of those headphones you are considering are poor choices. Ti's and titan have very crisp sound but the low end bass is not there at all. and the agents just dont have great sound quality. ur best bet for over ear headphones is the hesh... even though they r less expensive, they beat every single headphone in the skullcandy lineup other then the SK Pros which are mad expensive. for earbuds, just go wit smokin buds if u want the inline vol. control. only get titans if you wanna look cool