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Difference bet Solomon bbr 7.9 vs 8.0 vs...

Difference bet Solomon bbr 7.9 vs 8.0 vs 8.9. I wanted size 169 lenght but only the 7.9 and 8.0 comes in tht size. 8.9 is either 166 (?too short) or 176 too long. Which will be best?

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As the number gets bigger, so do the dimensions of the ski. Now Salomon says that all of them are "all mountain skis" but obviously the 7.9 is more on-piste than the 8.9. As far as the lengths go sizing down 3cm (which is barely an inch) in the 8.9 shouldn't be a big deal, if you are looking for a pow ski. Otherwise I'd get the size you want in the 8.0