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Did the hip belt hurt anyone's hips?? From...

Did the hip belt hurt anyone's hips?? From just wearing it around the airport, my hip bones are already hurting. Can anybody tell me why? Will the hip belt break in or do I just need a different pack?

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The hipbelt will soften up with wearing, but more likely, your hips need to get used to wearing a hipbelt. Just like riding a bike, you gotta get a bit "broken in" and then the pain will go away.

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This may seem silly, but make sure the hip belt is attached to the bag right side up! Because it's removable It's definitely possible to have it attached upside down (I did this myself when I was in a rush at the airport one day, and it makes it extremely uncomfortable). You can tell when the hipbelt is right-side up because the openings of the mesh pockets on the front are on top.