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Did g3 ever fix the problem with the heel...

Did g3 ever fix the problem with the heel lifter from falling down while hiking?

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I've never heard of the heal lifters falling down. Maybe yours were mounted in the wrong spot.

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Colin,Thank's for your answer.
I ski in the wasatch a lot, and have spoken to a few other people,and they seem to have the same problem with the heel lifters. If your going up a very steep slope in varible conditions they keep falling down. I switched to the Voile switchback and it seems to work a lot better,plus it dosn't ice up as much.--- ed jacobs

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They did a retrofit years ago by adding that thin stainless plate under the heal. Make sure the ridge is up front and pointed up. May need to slide it a little further forward. Get it where it works best for you and tighten it down. Best heal piece on the market when properly tuned!