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Did Castelli drop the thumb loops from...

Did Castelli drop the thumb loops from this shirt? The catalog still still includes them in the specs, but the shirt I recently ordered did not have them.

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I just checked the Castelli site,(they're showing this base as still having the thumb loops).
Maybe contact Castelli...see why, if they disc. this feature, they are still showing it on their site as having the thumb loops!

(if I have time, I'll look further into it for you...)

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I have this base layer and it does not come with the thumb loops. It's very form fitting so I don't have any problems with the sleeves riding up and personally I prefer no thumb loops with my tops as they tend to create pressure points from rubbing under my gloves. I wear it under a long sleeve jersey when it's in the 40s and under a winter jacket below 40F and it really wicks well so I stay mostly dry and warm. I normally wear a women's medium in Castelli and the men's small/medium is a bit loose but not enough to chafe or bunch up under my kit. Hope this helps.