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Description says "polarized" but chart has...

Description says "polarized" but chart has "no". What is it?

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The lenses are polarized, I'm pretty sure that all of Native's eyewear have polarized lenses:

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Only 1 set that is sent are noticably polarized. The orange or yellow and clear lenses are not polarized as good (these were in the old nano packages). The new ones come with sport flex and clear lenses. They said its because these are used in low light levels when there is no less for polarization so they only filter 2-40% UV as opposed to 86-90% uv blockage.
NOTE: only the main set is polarized heavily

Also I recently had to send a pair in for warranty exchange it cost $30 and went great. My frame broke in bitter cold weather. It was an older discontinued pair so so when I filled out the online exchange form I was able to choose one from a list to upgrade to, I was even able to select a new reflex one. It also covered my lenses too since they had scratches in them, so I just sent the entire set in. It took about 2 weeks to get the new ones back (new frame model and new upgraded reflex lenses). Very pleased with this process.