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Dear Sandy,
I am considering finally...

Dear Sandy,
I am considering finally pulling the trigger..started with Dukes, then Fritschi and finally Dynafit. :)
I am mounting them on DPS Wailer 105s..was considering a transfer plate to swap between dukes for inbound use but can only find that available for verticals. So this might be my pure touring set up.
Several questions:
I cant seem to find any options for crampons. Are there any available?
Is the power plate recommended for this binding if I want it as bomber as possible?
Can you lock in the heel on the fly from tour mode easily?
Is there any difference between dynafit and downhill bindings to consider when mounting? If I ski on center or +1 do I treat them exactly the same?
thank you!!

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-Crampons for winter 12/13 are available in 88mm, 108mm, 120mm and 130 mm. Backcountry will be getting their stock in soon. The 108s should work for your Wailers.
-The carbon power plate is integral with this binding. When locked there is a small stiffening effect on ski flex.
-"Easily" is a relative term. You do need to bend down and rotate the heel piece 3/4 around. It is was possible on the Vertical series to do this with your pole, but many people broke pole tips or the top piece of the binding using this technique.
-Mounting: There is little difference between mounting Dynafit and alpine bindings. My personal skis and my demos are usually mounted on center. Dynafits do have a slightly higher ramp angle than alpine bindings. This will move your center of gravity forward. Some people will take this into account and compensate by mounting a bit (+/- 1cm) to the rear.
Hope this helps. Enjoy the new rig!

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Hi sandy- thx!
To clarify about the power plate I was referring to an accessory on the dynafit website.??
Thank you

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BJ, The power plate you are referring to is for the Vertical series of bindings. It adds a bit more width and "juice" to their performance, but does not work with the radical series.