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Could this be made to work on Armada JJ's...

Could this be made to work on Armada JJ's with a 115 waist?

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I have the same question, will they bend enough for the 115mm JJ?

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Also have same question with my 115 Rossi Super7

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I have BD amperage skis that are 115 in waist and was in search for the crampons that can be used with Freeride Pro bindings. Unfortunately the only option is Axions that come in 110 size maximum. I decided to give it a try and fit them. The outcome:
1. They are really designed to fit skis 110 and have margin for 112 in the front teeth. The rear can fit up to 117mm. So the bending isn't going to help much (probably stretching 1mm is possible) because the material they are build from is not bendable and would possible crack if you force it too hard. I had to find another 1mm from each side. Well, the dremel came handy in this case and I was able to thinner the metal near the from teeth. It does fit now with little to no margin. There's still a chance that the crampons will be touching the edges under load when you traversing the slope. Haven't tested in the field yet. As a summary, the crampons are great, but really not designed for 115 skis and if you don't want to spend time doing some mods like I did and compromising crampons material - don't do it. It is so sad that they don't come in 120mm size.