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Can you tell me if the heel cup differs...

Can you tell me if the heel cup differs between the men's and women's versions of this boot? It seems that the heel cup for the women's version is either love it or hate it, no break in or blisters forever. I've experienced this with Asolo boots - 4 years of blister hell on the heels. Took these out for a test run and after about 3 miles started getting the heel inflamation. I'm trying to look for a solution because these are designed for exactly what I need, but the fit on the heel is a major concern. Hoping maybe the mens version might be a little different since I didnt see any reviews mentioning heel blisters... Thanks for any advice!

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I am certainly no expert on these boots but I have read that the Women's version has a slightly smaller heel cup and overall smaller width than the Men's version. I can't remember where I read it so I can't post the link.