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Can this tent handle Rough terrain with...

Can this tent handle Rough terrain with strong winds that can reach up to 60mph?

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Because this tent is not free-standing, it relies very heavily on the two end stakes to keep from collapsing inward.
I think the pole structure seems sturdy enough to handle severe winds if you could get it staked/anchored well, so I guess it depends on what your typical rough terrain looks like. I've had to bury rocks on my stakes several times while in loose soil to get everything secured. Once secure, it does handle wind without much shuddering/flapping due to the well designed shape.
Buying some different stakes would probably be a must for you - the included stakes are 6" long and basically just 1/8" wire. Something with more bite would be helpful, like a MSR V-shaped aluminum stake etc.

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yeah, i would agree with Luke Wyma on that... the tent itself if pretty sturdy, but it's the anchoring that really counts. don't even think about the stakes that it comes with.

i got me a set of these: Snow Peak Solid Stake #20 Tent Stake