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Can this stove be used with any gas...

Can this stove be used with any gas canisters, or only canisters made by Primus?

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The canister function of this stove uses only Lindal valve (screw-on) type, compressed gas, fuel canisters made by @ least nine manufacturers including Brunton, Coleman, Jetboil, Kovea, Markill, MSR, Optimus, Primus, Snow Peak, etc. These canisters can be found in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, western Europe, Japan, & Korea.

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I've found that Primus canisters are hard to come by. As Jeff states, anything with a Lindal valve will be compatible. However, my experience has been that the most readily available, and the best fuel performance, seems to come from the MSR IsoPro canisters.