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Can this remove grease stains on hardshell...

Can this remove grease stains on hardshell material... e.g. almond butter stain?

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This stuff works great on oily or dirty clothing, I don't have specific experience with almond butter, but if the stain is relatively fresh, and your gear hasn't gone through the wash yet, this will remove most of the oil. It may remove the stain altogether, but that is less likely. You'll probably see the best results if you pretreat and scrub the stain before washing, you could use undiluted tech wash for this purpose, or even regular dish detergent.

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Grease stains are tricky, aren't they?!? One of the best ways to treat them is to soak the affected area in warm water and dish soap (like Dawn). THEN follow up with Tech Wash. Dish soaps are the best at cutting grease and the tech wash will remove any residue left behind by the dish soap. Hope this helps! Thanks for the question! Stay dry! :)