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Can this liner be used as a sleeping bag...

Can this liner be used as a sleeping bag in the summer? I hike in the Great Smoky Mountains and it ranges from the mid 50's to the low 70's at night. Thanks.

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Its really a personal opinion. I would use it...yes. But below the mid 50's...I think I'd be cold and would bring an actual bag. I also know that I'm likely to sleep in my long pants and an insulated jacket if necessary. All depends on YOUR style.

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You definitely could. I hiked the AT stretch through the Smokies in late April this past year. I brought this liner and my Kelty Lightyear 40 degree bag. The first few nights we had below freezing temps and with both I was toast! As the week progressed the weather warmed and by the last two nights my Kelty was just a little warm, so I slept in the liner on top of my bag. I was wearing a pair of shorts and shirt as well though, but totally think it would work in summer time in the smokies, even at higher elevations. Of course, I do agree that it is a matter of hiker variability and preference.