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Can this harness actually take vertical...

Can this harness actually take vertical falls? Ie, would it be a bad choice for regular climbing?

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Hey Evan,

yes it would be a very bad choice for "regular climbing" since it's designed for (winter) mountaneering.
The harness only consists of (strong) webbing to make it light and small therefore the usual padding (to make falls reasonably comfortable) needs to be provided in another way. In the harness' designated application this would be by wearing several layers of (winter) clothes underneath.

To answer the first part of your question: yes it will "take vertical falls" BUT it WILL hurt if you're only wearing shorts!

So for regular climbing I'd pick a different one;)

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Thanks, that answers my question very well. I'd be using this harness for ski mountaineering and ice climbing. For that application it would be perfect. Definitely buy another harness for regular climbing?

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My friend jumped off his deck to answer this question -He came off a little slanted and one leg loop fast clip broke but the harness held great!