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Can these used for everyday wear / lots...

Can these used for everyday wear / lots of walking, or are they more like an "around the house" type of thing? I'm wondering if they would work for vacation in Moscow / Siberia this January when the weather isn't quite cold enough to break out my ridiculous Baffin Polar Explorer boots (bought those for the -50 to -75 degree temps in Yakutia).

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Hi - I wouldn't go as far as to say that the Nuptse Bootie is good for everyday use, but they are certainly designed for outdoor use. I have worn mine in -20 or so temps in Alaska and they have treated me well. They should hold up just fine for the application that you have described. I have quite a few days in mine - everything from expeditions to driving up to the ski hill, and they are holding up well.
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I wouldnt plan on being too warm if your wearing these things in -50 to -75 degree weather regardless of how far your going