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Can the pots be used to cook over a...

Can the pots be used to cook over a fire?

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Nope, it should not be used over a fire. Typically any non-coated aluminum or stainless steel pot or pan would do fine over a fire. This pot is designed to work most efficiently with the provided stove system, so the design limits its usability in other situations (e.g. the unique heat transfer 'FluxRing' assembly on the bottom of the pot). Most importantly, and the biggest reason the pot cannot be used over a fire, is the use of neoprene to insulate the pot. Neoprene starts to decompose at 446 degrees Fahrenheit, which is towards the lower end of a typical campfire, even a small one. If you were to use this pot over a wood fire, you take a significant risk in destroying the neoprene insulation.

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seems like you would be ok using it over a small fire if you took off the neoprene sleeve but they are thin and I wouldn't recommend it. temps would be uneven and hard to control since they are so thin. I personally have used it on very small fires specific for cooking and it worked ok. Definitely worked better on the stove :)