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Can snow baskets be bought/used with these...

Can snow baskets be bought/used with these trekking poles, or are they best for non-winter use only?

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The Z-poles are only compatible with Z-pole baskets, so in order to use a snow basket you would have to find some creative way of attaching them (read: zip ties and/or duct tape). That's a little janky for my tastes, but YMMV. The REI employee I spoke to regarding these poles said that BD left out the functionality of interchangeable baskets to "save weight" and also to reduce the temptation to use them as ski poles (which would generate breaking forces due to the Z-Fold technology). This was a deal breaker for me, since I'm looking for poles that can be used for hiking AND snowshoeing (that's right, Black Diamond, skiing isn't the only winter sport people want poles for). Maybe next year BD will wise up and give the customers the option of deciding what they want to use the poles for. Until then, I find it hard to justify having to get 2 sets of trekking poles to take me through all 4 seasons ('cause it's not like they're cheap).