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Can one retrofit an Avalung to this...

Can one retrofit an Avalung to this pack?

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Well, technically yes, its effectiveness would be a direct result of how well you add it to your bag. As shown here < > you can just zip tie the Avalung on. This raises all sorts of concerns for me though because they avalung is corrugated plastic, not terribly thin, and avalanches tend to be horribly violent and zip ties might tear your Avalung right off your pack. If I was going to retrofit, I think I would find some wide, heavy-duty velcro straps and tie it on with those, less likely to tear the plastic with more force distributed about. The other huge draw back is where to put the exhaust vent. You're likely to need to cut a hole in your pack so you can vent it out the back securely.

So, you can do it but if you are looking at a BD Ski Bag anyways, you might as well get one with the Avalung built-in. Good luck, and be safe with your homebrew method--make sure it works before you trust your life with it.

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I have seen these "retrofit" ideas posted various places. I would say it is a bad idea generally. I wear the original style Avalung along with my normal ski pack. While it is a a little more work getting it all on and off, I am not going to second guess the BD guys and "hope" that zip ties and duct tape keep it on me if I get caught in an avalanche. I see it like folks who keep their beacons in their jacket pocket because they don't like the harness. If you want it integrated, save up and buy it built that way.

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I'm not sure what you're talking about, Lyric. I guess if you were trying to integrate the Avalung into the pack directly, it would be a problem, but that would be stupid. The Avalung on its own is intended to be worn close to the body, even under your outer shell of clothing, and any pack can be worn over it. The Avalung-equipped packs run the breathing tube up through the shoulder strap, so it wouldn't work the same way to try to combine them. In addition, an Avalung goes for $130 retail, a Covert for $120, and a Covert Avalung for $220, so you're saving 30 bucks getting the integrated pack. If you're not going to do that, though, I'd just wear the Avalung like it's supposed to be worn with a pack over it. That's how it was intended to be used anyway.

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You definitely should NOT wear the avalung under your outer layer. The CO2 you exhale will fill your jacket and come right up through your collar and into your face again. Some good points about the fastening methods of the retrofit. Make sure the tube does not get crushed and also that its secure(If you go that route).

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you might as well buy one with a built in avalung. It will will be better.