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Can anyone vouch for these vs. Mountain...

Can anyone vouch for these vs. Mountain Khakis? As of right now, I live in my Mountain Khakis, but these seem just as good.

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Vouched - you can now take off the MKs and wash them! :-)

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Do yourself a favor and check out the Kuhl lineup... I love my Kuhl pants and honestly... I doubt I'll ever buy another pair of MK's if I can get Kuhl pants instead. Super lightweight yet warm in temps down to the 40's. Wear 'em with a baselayer and they've been good for me in any waether I'm likely to encounter in Atlanta... Yeah I get it... Atlanta isnt exactly a polar region but it gets down into the teens around here in the dead of winter.

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They are just as good as MK, but these are 6oz. Check out the Arbenter Pant