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Can anyone recommend a water proof shell...

Can anyone recommend a water proof shell to wear over the Atom LT for alpine skiing?

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I'm going to assume that you are looking at Arcteyx shells. I'd start by saying that you probably want to stay away fron the Beta jackets and probably the Alpha jackets because the Armrom will probably extend out from underneath the shell (it'll be close with the Alphas) . If you
want versatility outside of skiing look at the Theta jackets. If you are looking at shells exclusively for skiing I'd look at either the sidewinder ar/sv jackets or the Scarabee jacket. The Scarabee will be the warmest since it has the high loft fleece lining. For the exact same reason, the Scarabee will be the least versatile. It really just depends on how you
want to use the shell. Any of these would be great with the Atom.

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I use a Mountain Hardwear GTX 2.5- has a gore tex performance shell+ a yeti fleece lining over the back, shoulders and neck. The model is a few seasons old, but you might be able to find one as a clearance item somewhere. It is a great jacket by itself. Good for moderately cold weather by itself, due to the presence of the fleece liner, allowing to hold a bit of extra heat and it is fantastic when really cold when paired with insulating layer such as the atom lt. It also has a great hood.