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Can anyone comment on the life of this...

Can anyone comment on the life of this filter in the real world. I'd be stunned if it was even good for 1/100 of the "1 million gallon guarantee"

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Believe it, the filter has a surreal lifetime. Used it when there where 2 of us filtering water for over 3 months.Its still going. I'm just not a fan of the flow, its not bad but its not great. The platypus gravity filter has the best flow I have ever seen for this kind of system.

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If there is air in the tubing it will slow down the flow. What I do is have water fill the whole tube/push out all the air, then snap on the filter to the tubing. I can get 2L in about 2min. after I do that. One reason platypus flows faster is it has a larger micron size.