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By the looks there is no chance of just...

By the looks there is no chance of just using fly and poles for summer use?

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No easy way to just use the fly.

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This tent was not designed to use just the fly, poles, and footprint. As you probably surmised, It was primarily designed for winter mountaineering use. Because of the pole configuration, it proved to be very difficult to design this tent where the fly and poles would easily mount to the footprint. Because of the complication, the thought was this tent should be very task specific and made extremely reliable under intense weather conditions, but without trying to give it options for lighter weight, 3-season usage. This had the potential of possibly affecting it's primary mission. It can be used for 3-season backpacking due to the uncoated fabric on the body of the tent (does very well with condensation), but it's primary use is for more weather-intense scenarios.