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Baffles came unglued after < year of...

Baffles came unglued after < year of use. It was after storing it w/o use for several months, maybe that was that problem? Anyone else see this? It still inflates, but it blows up like a balloon with no baffles, unusable at that point.

Otherwise love it - use it even in snow in tents and just bivying.

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Ok? Have you tried warrantying it? Both Backcountry and Exped have good warranty policies.

It sounds like you were storing it rolled up. That's bad for the pad. When you get your new one, store it unrolled.

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Yeah, getting a new one for free is no problem. I just ordered the downmat UL as a replacement actually (unfortunately doesn't carry this, but REI does). It's only 4oz heavier, but 2x the R value.

OK will try storing it laid out. Actually just read that storing it unrolled and inflated is best. Thanks!

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Yes - Had the same problem and I always store it unrolled deflated.