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Awww the pattern I wanted is sold out! I'm...

Awww the pattern I wanted is sold out! I'm thinking of the Special Edition with the "Gold S" lens. Any idea how this works in flat light?

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The Gold Sensor Mirror lens is a suitable choice for low/flat light conditions. It is designed to increase depth perception, and allows 70% light transmission (which is good for low to medium light environments). However, this will not be the best lens if you also like to venture out on the mountain at night. The mirrored lenses do look sweet, but there are better options out there if don’t mind sacrificing those good looks for increased performance. Have a look at the rc36 (which is what I use, a great all purpose lens from Smith... but not available in this goggle through BC), the Gold Light (another Smith lens, tailored for use in flat light... but I am not certain if BC carries any goggles with this particular lens), and the Ignitor Mirror (which functions almost exactly like the rc36).