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Are they warm?? Would they be a good shoe...

Are they warm?? Would they be a good shoe for Alaska??

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Hanging out in Alaska in the sprin/summer? Yes. Winter? Not a chance if you are outside for more than 20 minutes. Make sense? Hope this helps.

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I use these to hike in Georgia in the summer. They're a little warmer than my running shoes, but my feet are still very comfortable in 80-degree + temps.

These are probably closer to a trail runner than a real hiking boot, though the soles do have some stiffness. I bought them specifically because I wanted something cool and lightweight for day hiking and short overnights.

I bought them on clearance at REI last July. When I first got them, I thought they were too small and debated whether to return them for a half-size larger, but they loosened up a bunch within the first day. Just wore them on a 12 mile hike with Superfeet insoles. No hot spots or blisters anywhere. I have narrow ankles, so it's hard to find shoes that don't cause heel slippage. These have plenty of room for my toes and keep my heels in tight. Probably would not work as well for wide feet. Love these shoes!

Thinking of getting another pair, but the price just went up online. If they don't go on sale again in my size, I'll get the blue ones that are out for 2012 when they go on clearance, as the blue is very pretty too!