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Are these shoes all-rounders, or more of...

Are these shoes all-rounders, or more of a specific shoe. I know it says there really good for edging, but was wondering if you can smear at all with them?

Thanks, Jay

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They are an aggressive all-rounders. Think of the Anasazi lace-up from 5.10 or the Miura from La Sportiva. Both aggressive, but comfortable enough for all-round climbing.

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I agree, I use the velcros as a higher end trad and sport shoe, but I fit them a bit to tight for an all day shoe. They get pretty soft after break in, so they can be quite sensitive, and thus you can smear pretty well with them.

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Fantastic all around shoes. Smearing, edging, everything. Any more high-end (which you can't really get for Evolv) from any other company and you lose attributes (trading edging for downturned tiny-footchip-crushing overhang-killing power), but you don't really need to make that sacrifice, because these shoes are great. I have to reiterate the softness and sensitivity after the break in period, it makes everything fantastic from this shoe.