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Are these really lighter than the Terminator...

Are these really lighter than the Terminator X boots? The specs given here show it almost half a pound lighter for size 27.

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Well, the pair in a men's size 27 weighs 7 pounds, compare that to the other boots you are looking at. You can find the information to the right, under the 2 rows of pictures, the weight is the 3rd from bottom. That's where my numbers came from... TX Pro: 7lb 4oz. TX: 7lb 11oz. both for size 27. I'm just wondering why the 4-buckle TX Pro is lighter than the 3-buckle TX.

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If you look at the Scarpa website, it lists weights for TX (1 boot, size 27.0) as 1618g and TX Pro as 1670g. So TX Pro *is* slightly heavier, as you'd expect.

Looks like a mistake on Backcountry's part. They have correct metric weight (3340g) for the TX Pro, although it appears they cannot convert into pounds correctly. That's 7.36 lbs, or 7 lbs, 5.8 oz by my reckoning.

The Scarpa numbers for TX are 3236g or 7.13 lbs, or 7 lbs 2.1 oz.