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Are these pants some what slim like the...

Are these pants some what slim like the real levi 514's? If so I'm orderig em up. and how water proof are they? i dont give a shit about putting stuff in my pockets, just want some bad ass pants

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Sup Austin

I don't know how slim a board pant gets but these sound like they are a decent fit. Still got steeze but without hangin off your body crazy styles. I just picked up a pair of Foursquare Boswell pants in a medium and they have a nice fit to them as well.

As for waterproof, they are 15K. You could take a bath in these things and not get wet. Well, maybe not, but 15K is gonna keep you dry for real...

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Austin these are bad ass. just got my pair two days ago (thank you dogfunk) i wore them around the house for like 2 hours playing snowboarder dress-up (do not act like you don't). super comfy, no heal drag at all. they look more like brand new unwashed shink-to-fit 501's.
have fun being fly.