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Are these lenses ballistic? i.e. Do they...

Are these lenses ballistic? i.e. Do they pass the military qualifications for ballistic lenses?

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Native's lenses are not ballistic. I was told by the retailer (not Backcountry) that they were....I lost my right eye in an explosion in Iraq....should have checked myself. IMO stick to Oakley for eyewear in dangerous situations. I left mine back at the camp that day :( Happy with the Natives other than that, great polarized lenses and fit on my pair, model discontinued.Barrett...sorry man, new to this feature, I accidentally deleted your response. I apologize.

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Wow, that's a horrible story - I'm sorry to hear that. They may not be ballistic and rated for military use and defense from explosions - I have found that their anti-ocular intrusion system has prevented many a bad situation. I have not found another company to offer this revolutionary design that prevents lenses from shooting in toward the eye in the case of any direct impact; i.e. snowboarding, skiing, watersports, hiking, dirtbiking, snowmobiling etc.