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Are these boots comparable in warmth to...

Are these boots comparable in warmth to other AT boots? I tried them on and compared to standard alpine boots the liner seems fairly thin, which I imagine is to keep the boot light. Do you sacrifice warmth in most AT boots?

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I haven't tried many other AT boots, so can't offer a comparison. The new Intuition liners are the best available for warmth and very light as well. I have super cold feet and have to use toe warmers for touring in temps below ~10 degF, but I think that's the way it would be with any boot. Having some additional room in the toebox (you can create this during the heat molding process) will allow room for trapping a warm air pocket or using stick-on toe warmers. If you have extra space in the boot, you could also add a piece of foam underneath the liner to add another layer of insulation.

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Yes. Much warmer than BD