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Are there any videos or instructions on...

Are there any videos or instructions on how to fast-pitch this tent - setting it up with just the footprint and rain-fly? I recently purchased the tent and footprint but don't see how it could be fast-pitched.

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It's not quite the same Marmot tent, but check out this Youtube Video.
Start around the 2:00 mark. He's simply setting the tent up backwards, which is handy to do when it's raining, but it's essentially the same concept as the fast pitch.

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I can't find any videos for you, and I don't know this particular tent, so I'll see if I can walk you through it on a somewhat generic level. It's actually easier than you might think. Kind of a reverse engineering type of deal.

Lay out your footprint. Assemble your poles, including clipping on the brow pole and the loose end of the ridge pole. Just like with the tent body, the footprint is going to have grommets and buckles. Put the pole ends into those footprint grommets. You should now have the basic structure. On the inside of the fly, you should see either nylon sleeves or grommets to receive the brow and loose end of the ridge pole. Slip those poles into those sleeves/grommets first (it's a drag to do it when the fly is tensioned). Make sure the fly strap connecting buckles are all loosened as much as they can be and then connect the fly-footprint buckles. Tighten them. Now stake the footprint/fly and vestibule and anchor any guy-lines you need to. You should now have a fast-pitched tent.

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Thanks Lexi and Phil, all that is helpful, but the problem I'm finding with the Pulsar fly+footprint fast-pitch is that there are no grommets or sleeves inside the fly for receiving the ends of the horizontal roof pole or the end of the pole that sticks out to extend the foot-box on the normal tent-body. These are the pole ends with what Marmot calls "ball ends" which on the tent body connect to the "Ball Cap Connectors".

I am able to get the poles into the footprint corner grommets and hook the fly to the footprint corners, but with that horizontal roof cross-bar and the foot-extension pole having nothing on the fly to hook into, it seems a bit unstable and incomplete.

However, as an aside, the tent itself when pitched with the full tent body and fly seems like a great design and very stable. I look forward to testing it out in the wild.

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That's occasionally the case. Don't get too hung up on it. The ball ends should serve to keep the poles from puncturing the fly, and the brow and ridge poles will just follow the seams they correspond to when the tent is pitched normally. You might have to fudge them and the fly around a little to roughly align them, but they'll basically fall into place once you tension things up.