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Are the tint variations on these legit?...

Are the tint variations on these legit? Basically, is it worth getting this pair or carrying an extra pair of goggles. I have two pairs of A frame oakleys but they have 6 seasons of wear on them and am thinking of replacing them. The oakley goggs have awsome lenses, and i have never heard of or used zeals. So basically how do these stand up versus the other big boys? anyone, anyone, bueller, bueller?

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I have a pair of the Zeal Link goggles with the PPX lenses and I love them. As an idea of how well the changing tint of these work, I used these on a summit climb of Cotapaxi which started at 11:30 pm and ended around 9:30 the next morning. I put these goggles on at the very beginning and I took them off at the very end and I had no trouble with them at any point along the way. the clarity of the lenses is impressive and they offer several goggles to accomodate different face sizes. I recommend Zeal's goggles to anyone looking for a high-quality, versatile pair of goggles.