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Anyone own both this and the PCS? If so...

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Anyone own both this and the PCS? If so is the stove itself physically shorter from top to bottom is you put them on a desk? I ask because with the PCS system once you put the canister and stove inside (not threaded to the canister and with the stabilizer legs inside the stove and the pot support upside down over the canister) you're only left with about 1\4" of space (which is taken up by the igniter). I can't see how all that will fit in here since it's over half an inch shorter, unless of course the stove itself is shorter.

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Yes the stove is shorter it is a .08 liter . You can fit all the goodies in here the instructions inside the stove will show you how to properly stack. The Zip does not have an ignitor you need to light with a lighter .

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So you own both? Is the stove the same or is it in fact physically shorter from top to bottom?

If not, do the instruction say that the stove must be threaded to the cartridge for everything to be able to nest inside?