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Anyone know how to get the Ambit to display...

Anyone know how to get the Ambit to display more precision than just seconds? Tenths/hundredths of a second would be nice, like most stopwatches. Thanks! Not a big deal if you can't, most activities this watch is designed for take way too long for it to matter, but it would be nice to have.

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Hello 19Lives, I am looking into this and will get back to you. Great question. Isn't amazing!

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Yes, I should also mention that it is an amazing tool. It took no time at all to figure out all the features and it has been very accurate with speed/pace/distance on my trail runs so far.

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19Lives, Good news....there will be a Suunto Ambit Software Update in September. A few of the improvements I believe are to include a more precise timer(tenths of a second), precise chronograph and count down timer. You can get the software upgrade through movescount. The Ambit is amazing.....the only wristop GPS that has the ability to run software upgrades. I think the next one is 3.0.