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Anyone know how the polyester outer is...

Anyone know how the polyester outer is different than last year's (& many years in past) nylon exterior (besides the obvious of just being different fabrics)?

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Actually, the Driclime windshirt has been a polyester fabric for at least the last 7 years. The difference better the spring 2011 version and the fall 2010 version is the the fabric got a tiny bit lighter, going from 1.7 oz to 1.5 oz. (Same fabric that Marmot uses on the Trailwind Hoody) That change made the garment lighter by 1 oz. Also the lining is a bit softer feeling. Hope that helps.

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Tim- thanks, though I have to admit, I'm confused. "Banshee nylon" is not nylon? See the last years windshirt specs on this website. My 5 yr old driclime jacket (w/neck cinch and pockets) is polyester, but I'm nearly certain that my three year old "original" windshirt, is made with a nylon outer...? I've got a 2 yr old Ion windshirt with the same nylon fabric..Might certainly be wrong about the Banshee fabric, but curious why it's marketed as nylon, if it's fact polyester.