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Anyone know how many uses you can expect...

Anyone know how many uses you can expect to get out of the small fuel container?

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Hi Danny,

This is a really subjective call that depends on lots of factors. What altitude, temperature, wind, size and type of pot, food you're cooking... From the specs: 3.5 minutes to boil 1 liter of water with a 60 minute burn time for an 8oz (large) canister, so cut that in half for the 4oz ( 30 minutes +/- under ideal conditions). Go ahead and add a minute or two to the actual boil time in the field by the time you finish messing with everything in the food prep/cooking process. Works out to about 6-8 liters of water boiled, so use that number and balance it out with what the requirements for the specific food you'll be cooking are . In a general estimation, I would plan to go a long weekend with the small canister cooking breakfast and dinner each day. Like I said though, very subjective. Bring an extra canister or go with the bigger one if possible. Also, a few bucks spent testing it out at home is the best way to get a working knowledge of any gear you use. Hope this helped.