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Anyone know any key differences between...

Anyone know any key differences between the Mammut Samurai's and the Testarossa's beyond color?

I can see the heel is slightly different, as is the shape of the rand material, but everything else seems identical. . or at least very very comparable.

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They are basically the exact same shoe, as is the Evolv Shaman. Go with the La Sportiva, I've heard better things about them than the Mammut.

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The fit is very different from the Shaman.

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I've worn the shaman and I'd say it just feels "stiffer" and twists your foot less. There's also the velcro vs laces difference though.

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La Sportiva is a SHOE company for a reason. There is also a reason that the Mammut Samurai's is 80 bucks. The thing in this industry you will pay for quality. Any La Sportiva shoe that i have worn ive had no complaints. The testerossa and Shaman are very different. The Shamans have a synthetic upper so you will get no stretch. With the testerossa the whole shoe will stretch. There is nothing like wearing a full leather shoe. If you get them sized right they will perfect conform to your foot. The testerossa's are a softer shoe once you get them broken in. The shamans feel a bit cheap to me. In all reality it depends on what kind of climbing your doing.

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It's hard to explain but anytime youre comparing different company's shoes youre talking about pretty significant fit differences. From what I've seen, people that wear evolvs dont wear sportivas and vice versa. Maybe 5.10 & sportiva. Maybe evolv and madrock. But even in those pairings...the way each company generally shapes their shoes is just different.

It's like asking how a Honda and Toyota compare... They're both reliable car company's. Both foreign, Asian, manufacturers. Both have full lines. But there's a pretty clear difference when youre sitting in a Honda vs sitting in a Toyota. Make sense?

Go try them on...but like dan said...Sportiva is a SHOE company. I'm a sportiva fan, they fit my foot... well crafted, quality. I'd buy $175 testarossas over $50 mad rocks every day...and im not rich...