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Anyone know about the effectiveness of the...

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Anyone know about the effectiveness of the "gladiodor odor control"? Trying to replace old polypro.

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Gladiodor works really well in the Capilene 1 T and other Patagonia Capilene tops and bottoms. It stays noticeably less stinky that my other polypro shirts I've got.

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I bought this shirt specifically to see if the synthetic odor controls have gotten better and could compete with wool yet. The answer was a quick NO. I still like the shirt for all the other reasons people mention, but only if I am only going to wear it for an hour or two and then it goes into the wash - otherwise it starts to stink.

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From what ive experienced, the benefits of gladiodor really shine after the sweaty shirts sit around for a bit without being washed. For example, after running or working out hard in the capilene1 and in a Nike Dri-fit. If you leave both shirts laying around for a day or two without being washed, the patagonia tshirt's stench is effectively controlled to the point where i could put it back on and wear it again. Not so for the dri-fit tshirt. So this type of shirt is good for sweaty endeavors where a washing machine is out of reach for extended periods. Example being multi-day backpacking trip, backpacking europe, or dirtbag climbers.

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Better than old-school poly-pro, but it still stinks after some use!